The Royal Group

Become an Insights-Driven Organization With Help​ From TRG

Insights are the future to many decisions being made. We took our first step by forming our Evolution Insights team in 2016. Our Evolution Insights team (or EVO insights team) assists our clients with:

Industry Insights

Beauty & Personal Care

When it comes to beauty and personal care products, packaging is essential for communicating your brand's message. Whether it is a matte box to express sustainability, or colorful design to demonstrate uniqueness, TRG can assist in capturing your brand's intended audience. 


As online sales continue to rise, the need for e-commerce packaging increases. TRG understands the importance of protecting both your product and brand image from the time your products are ordered online until they reach your customers' doorsteps. 

Food & Beverage

In recent years, consumers have not only expressed their concerns about food ingredients, but also food packaging. TRG is dedicated to safely transporting your food and beverage products while adhering to various food safety standards. 

Over the Counter Healthcare

The excessive variety of healthcare products displayed on shelves may result in decision fatigue, especially when the decision involves selecting a medication or vitamin that directly impacts one's health. Given the critical nature of this decision-making process, TRG can properly communicate your brand's message and ensure it distinguishes itself from competition.