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At The Royal Group, we have a clear understanding of brands’ visual and structural strategies for major retailers. With our unparalleled service and manufacturing capabilities, we offer a winning model for a successful in-store or packaging promotion.

Your display and merchandising programs require a depth of experience with retailer systems, processes, logistics and metrics to bring success as quickly as possible at the lowest cost. Otherwise, you waste valuable time and money trying to get to the right mix of product, design and execution.

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Whether you already have a temporary display program ready or are starting from scratch need assistance, we can help.

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We are on-campus and embedded with retailers. We work directly with their logistics teams, and we supply insights and execute specific brand solutions to multi-vendor retail programs faster than any firm in our industry.

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Working with a retail product package is crucial because it serves as the first point of contact between a consumer and the product, influencing purchasing decisions through its design, information, and branding elements as well as ensuring that products protection.