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At TRG, we offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions that cater to diverse needs. Whether you require top-notch protection for your products, customized die-cutting to enhance the presentation of your packaging, eye-catching colors that effectively represent your brand, or intricate gluing and assembly services, we have you covered. 

Retail Ready

Protective Packaging & Shippers

E-Commerce & Graphic Packaging

Reusable & Expendable Automotive

Bulk Bins & Gaylord Boxes

Retail Ready

ARE YOU RETAIL READY? Through innovative engineering, designs and state-of-the-art equipment, TRG is reducing material costs and assembly time for consumer brands serious about staying visible on the shelf and staying ahead of retailer shelf standards. At TRG, we believe on-the-shelf packaging is so much more than a vehicle for your product, it can be a powerful way to improve your bottom line.

Protective Packaging & Shippers

We offer corrugated solutions for thousands of possible combinations of board types, flute sizes (caliper), basis weight, adhesives, treatment and coatings, including moisture resistant and weatherproof barriers.

E-Commerce & Graphic Packaging

At TRG, we take pride in our diverse range of e-commerce capabilities. Whether it’s crafting a sleek and innovative design for a gaming controller box or creating packaging for delicate fruits and authentic country-style jars of jelly, we have expertise in all. Our team is equipped to handle any project with excellence and efficiency.


Through fabrication of metal racks, plastic dunnage, foam, and expendable packs, TRG has the capabilities along with a multitude of materials and designs to help support your needs. Our goal is to design the most effective packaging solution while keeping material and costs to a minimum.
Returnable Solutions
Expendable Solutions
Fabrication & Conversion
Corrugate Design, Manufacture, & Assemble

Bulk Bins & Gaylord Boxes

We provide a wide selection of board combinations, ranging from single to triple wall, and various flutes to meet your specific requirements. Our range of bulk bins and Gaylord boxes are designed to cater to heavy-duty packaging needs, covering a range of products including auto parts, machines, motors, appliances, petrochemical products, agricultural items like watermelons, and protein industry products like chicken legs. Our design engineers, equipped with cutting-edge design and testing facilities, can collaborate with you to develop the optimal solution for your unique demands.

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Helping You Stand Out

Our Graphic Packaging Is More Than Ink on Paper.
It’s a Connection With Your Brand.

We lead the industry in printing innovations, and we’re continually investing in technologies that revolutionize our printing business, and experimenting with advancements in print personalization for home or retail environments, as well as e-commerce.

Graphic Packaging Moving Through Printer


- Superior Graphics up to 8 Colors
- High Impact Display Components and Graphic Packaging


- Up to 7 Colors
- High Impact Graphics
-Med-High Qualities


- 1 to 7 Colors
- Direct Print or Preprinted Liners
- Med-High Quantities

Single Pass
2-Sided Print

- 1 to 5 Colors
- Impactful E-Commerce & RRP
- Med-High Quantities


- Variable Data for Customization
- Vibrant, Detailed Print
- Water Based Ink
- 6 Color (CMYL + O, V)

Printing Capabilities

Explore the World of Digital Printing With TRG

TRG Offers a full suite of printing options to leverage based on your volume, budget, timing, and supply chain.

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Experience the art of packaging innovation at TRG, where we craft bespoke solutions that safeguard your products, enhance your brand, and leave a lasting impression.

TRG offers a wide range of packaging solutions, including custom graphic packaging, corrugated boxes, packaging supplies, and more. We specialize in tailoring our offerings to meet your unique product and branding requirements.