The Royal Group

E-Commerce & Graphic Packaging

Our Graphic Packaging Is More Than Ink on Paper. It’s a Connection With Your Brand.

We lead the industry in printing innovations, and we’re continually investing in technologies that revolutionize our printing business, and experimenting with advancements in print personalization for home or retail environments, as well as e-commerce. From the modern high-tech design and intricate detail of a gaming controller box to the packaging of  glass jars of jelly who’s packaging design match the authentic quality and country feel of the product it holds, TRG can do it all!

Why Choose TRG?


- Superior Graphics up to 8 Colors
- High Impact Display Components and Graphic Packaging
-Metallic inks & Foil Stamping


- Up to 7 Colors
- High Impact Graphics
-Med-High Qualities


- 1 to 7 Colors
- Direct Print or Preprinted Liners
- Med-High Quantities

Single Pass
2-Sided Print

- 1 to 5 Colors
- Impactful E-Commerce & RRP
- Med-High Quantities


- Variable Data for Customization
- Vibrant, Detailed Print
- Water Based Ink
- 6 Color (CMYL + O, V)

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

Boxes for Diverse Markets

Diverse Markets

E-Bay Box

Big Brands

Protective Packaging: PackageWorks

Innovative Protective Packaging