The Royal Group

Cross Country Innovative Design Services

TRG offers a comprehensive range of services to support innovation throughout every stage of your project. This includes rough concept sketches, detailed 3D conceptual renderings, and complete engineering solutions. With our extensive team of designers located across multiple sites, we provide you with access to a diverse range of designs and inspirations. Our team consists of over 100 experienced designers who specialize in various products and materials.

Advanced Design Software

Our design labs are equipped with advanced software programs that allow our designers to work with 3D models of packages and displays with ease. This technology enables them to analyze the strength of the design, customize properties, and plan out palletization or component assembly accurately. By utilizing this software, our design team can contribute to the efficiency of our product development process without compromising on innovative solutions.

POP & Retail Packaging Experts

We excel in structural design, particularly for point of purchase displays and retail packaging. From eye-catching displays to secure e-commerce cartons, we work closely with your team to develop visually appealing packaging solutions that make a lasting impact on customers. Our expertise includes familiarity with retail specifications that influence display designs, as well as offering creative and innovative solutions for unique projects. We are enthusiastic about embracing new and exciting challenges within this field of expertise

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Our team specializes in industrial design, which encompasses a wide range of solutions beyond standard partitions. Whether your product requires safe transportation or durability in single pack environments, we possess the knowledge and skills to address these challenges while adhering to budget constraints. We can assist in determining the appropriate board grade for your packaging and optimizing pallet loads to decrease shipping costs through our advanced software programs.

Prototypes & Testing

Many of our design labs across our TRG facilities are equipped with cutting tables, providing us with a valuable tool for reviewing our work prior to submission for your consideration. While 3D computer-aided software aids in design evaluation, physically constructing and folding prototypes allows for a more thorough assessment. This hands-on process enables us to envision how the design will be interacted with by various individuals, such as members of our fulfillment team or end users at retail locations following our custom assembly instructions.