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The Royal Group makes it easy to display entertainment and media products at retail. We’re the largest and premier provider of retail displays to entertainment and media companies servicing a wide variety of clients.

The Royal Group is a single-source solution to all your entertainment and gaming product packaging, display, and point-of-purchase needs. From temporary to permanent, TRG aids in design all the way through to delivery.

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Whether you already have a temporary display program ready or are starting from scratch and need assistance, we can help.

Market Keys

We service four distinct markets – Music, Blu-ray / DVD, Gaming and Magazine. In each of these market sectors, we service the top content suppliers, distributors and retailers.
TRG has a proven track record of increasing sales and helping our clients improve their market share

Packaging & Displays for the Entertainment & Gaming Industry

Entertainment and gaming packaging and displays are crucial for effectively showcasing and protecting products, enhancing brand visibility, and ultimately driving consumer engagement and sales within the competitive market. Just like the products we promote, our packaging and displays are robust, durable and designed for optimum performance. 

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