Retail Ready

Are you Retail Ready?

Be Shelf-Ready While Reducing Costs of Your Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) Systems

Through innovative engineering, designs and state-of-the-art equipment, TRG is reducing material costs and assembly time for consumer brands serious about staying visible on the shelf and staying ahead of retailer shelf standards. At TRG, we believe on-the-shelf packaging is so much more than a vehicle for your product, it can be a powerful way to improve your bottom line.

Your Continuous Improvement Opportunity Has Arrived

TRG Retail Ready will reduce the amount of packaging material used in your RRP systems and reduce the amount of time it takes to assemble them. As an added benefit, TRG packaging systems reduce your transportation costs by getting more displays on a pallet and by taking up less space in the warehouse.

Compare for Yourself: Proof in 60 seconds

TRG has invested millions to ensure your Retail Ready Packaging systems protect your product, elevate your brand and achieve retailer compliance. TRG engineers use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to design retail ready packaging systems that significantly improve stocking time. Contact your TRG representative to see side-by-side video comparisons of how your retail packaging systems can work harder for your brand and bottom line.

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