Corrugated Containers

Corrugated containers: the bridge between your product and the consumer.

Design with safety in mind. Our packaging design team engineers packaging that ensures your product arrives at your customer safely and affordably. Our engineers partner with our sales team to understand each customer’s unique manufacturing processes so we can develop a design that’s perfectly aligned with your plant or co-packer.

We use 3D modeling software to validate concepts before they’re produced, and provide rapid prototypes from one of our CAD-driven sample tables for customers to test across the country. We also provide ISTA or ASTM package testing to certify product safety.

Manufacturing corrugated is our core. As both a producer and a converter of corrugated packaging, The Royal Group has made significant investments to acquire the best machinery available in the industry. Our highly trained and tenured machine operators ensure that we have the highest quality by performing continuous quality checks throughout the manufacturing cycle. We are committed to process improvements and seek automation for speed while remaining as flexible as possible for our clients.

We can manufacture everything from a simple regular-slotted carton to intricate die cuts. We also have specialty gluing capabilities which allow us to produce auto-bottom cartons, large two-piece boxes and high-end retail-ready packaging. Our machinery provides a further advantage when coupled with our vertically integrated supply chain.

World-class printing capabilities provide many options. We offer our customers the best printing solution for their needs and requirements. Many factors – such as quantity, product lifecycle, or simply marketing direction – help us find the right solution for your product or promotion. Direct HD flexo printing with inline die cutting, litho-laminated labels, pre-printed rollstock, or direct digital provides us with the flexibility our customers need and want. Whether you need high-end retail packaging or a single color on a shipper, TRG can manufacture them all.

Value-added services complement your needs. TRG prides itself on providing value-added services for the most demanding customers. We understand lean manufacturing and know our customers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, speed up their processes, streamline ordering, reduce overhead and increase the bottom line.

We provide many value-added services including warehousing, Just-In-Time deliveries, or a full Vendor-Managed Inventory program with Kanban principles. We also provide fulfillment services to assemble, glue, staple, or adhere different substrates together, such as corrugated, foam, wood and other packaging materials, and ship them to your packaging line complete and ready to go.

From short runs to large runs over 1 million impressions, TRG provides the flexibility you need. Whether it’s initial concepts, full-scale prototypes, lab-tested samples, or full mockups, give us the opportunity to demonstrate the difference that TRG makes.

Markets served. Automotive, Electronics, Home & Garden, Furniture, Medical, Industrial Supplies, Appliances, Sports and Recreation, E-Commerce, Display Merchandising, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care and many other markets.

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