Home & Garden

From faucets to garden hoses, TRG makes a big splash in Home & Garden.

Technology is rapidly advancing in every area of our daily lives. Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, den, or backyard garden, more and more products do it better, faster and are replacing the old standbys.

Voice command home appliances now play music, news, and weather. Hydroponic growing systems, polycarbonate greenhouses and lawn mowers all require an explanation to the consumer.

Your point-of-sale display needs to do more and more of the selling – conveying information, features, benefits, and bells and whistles.

Our experience in this market comes from the true partnerships that we develop. In an ever-changing marketplace, your product’s first impression is more important than ever. Our creative professionals are ready to assist you – not to just create a “pretty box,” but to develop a “total solution package” based on industry experience and market insights.

Clients who trust The Royal Group

With our extensive retailer knowledge, TRG knows and understands the requirements of Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Best Buy and others. Whether your programs are permanent or temporary, we marry technology, fulfillment, display design and manufacturing to promote and sell your home and garden product.


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