The Royal Group understands how to get Over-the-Counter products to market.

TRG makes it easy for clients to plan and deliver programs under a strict umbrella of compliance for Over-the-Counter (OTC) design through fulfillment. Our speed to market is an industry benchmark. Our adherence to our clients’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and our strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) ensure that your projects have a safe and quick trajectory to be in store, on time.

TRG represents an industry-leading single-source solution for prescription to non-prescription (Rx to OTC) switches* and for retail launches for new OTC products that require a true turnkey solution from design through delivery.

Timelines are not stable or predictable. We know that ‘tweaks’ to a program are inevitable; change and issues occur. Clients require and deserve a flexible, organized partner in this category.

Market keys:

  • Compliance: Strict GMP’s and SOP’s incorporating CPG-specific guidelines for brands
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, FDA registered
  • Locations and Services: Five U.S. locations for OTC fulfillment
  • Inventory Control and Security: Strict mapping and in-out procedures for managing client products
  • Project Management: Enterprise-wide ERP software; custom on-line customer portal
  • Testing: ISTA standards and customer-supplied testing standards; in-house ISTA lab
  • Lead Times: Industry-leading timelines
  • Enterprise Systems: Include EDI, ERP and bar coding
  • Services: Hand assembly, display assembly, pouching, bagging, shrink wrapping, kitting, inspections, rework, label printing (auto and manual)

Our fulfillment centers are FDA-certified to work with your product. Our design centers understand the importance of matching provided solutions to specific retailer requirements, while providing industry-leading designs to attract consumer attention. Our manufacturing groups comply with rigid quality standards for proper printing and finishing to communicate your OTC products’ facts and benefits, matching color and composition to your strict specifications.

As the industry-leading provider of multi-branded OTC programs to retailers, TRG has the size and scale to inventory, stage, design, build and deliver multi-branded programs faster and more accurately than any other organization in this space. These programs include multiple CPG branded and seasonally-themed health displays (ex. first aid, cough and cold, allergy, back to school and travel, to name a few).


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OTC Insights

*The “Rx-to-OTC switch” market is expected to reach $15B in the U.S. by 2015[i], with eight of the current top 20 OTC brands in Europe being the result of product switches[ii]. A recent report has identified $30B worth of potential Rx-to-OTC switches in a wide range of indications, from hypertension and COPD to high cholesterol[iii].

[i] Pharma marketing and sales: When to make an Rx to OTC switch. Eye for Pharma. Jan 24, 2012.
[ii] Maximizing Rx-to-OTC Switch Potential. IMS Health. 2010.
[iii] New Francesco International Report Reveals $30 Billion of Fresh Opportunities for Rx-to-OTC Switch. Feb 10, 2013.