TRG Retail Division walks away with 2 OMA awards!

Besides all the great new faces we were ecstatic to have met at the show, we won two awards to top it off!  We couldn’t ask for better award categories either! To win on such a broad category as “General Merchandise” shows that our creative design efforts really do stand out amongst the crowd! And what’s better than producing a high-end, innovative and interactive display that wins the Budget Award?!


About our GloFish display

The client was introducing fluorescent aquarium ornaments which react only to a signature blue light. Their intent was to spotlight the unique product mix while simultaneously demonstrating the extraordinary glowing effect function of the entire line.   The challenge was to deliver a battery powered, motion censored lighting fixture to a temporary vehicle that was required to last no less than 3 months in-store. We strategically placed a hidden compartment that housed a battery pack for service access if needed. The atypical shapes and product line variety of protective packaging yielded another set of hurdles that we embraced and conquered at ease. This unit was ISTA tested and passed with flying colors. 

This display was manufactured as a modular style tray to fit multiple SKU combinations and provide retailer flexibility. The battery compartment was engineered to minimize any conductor failures due to shipping rigors. Upon delivery, the PetSmart team was extremely pleased at the effortless set-up from shipper to shelf. There were no wires, assembly or switches to activate. 


About Scuf Gaming Display

The objective of this display was to showcase the controller in all 360 degree viewing angles to exhibit both the back and underside of the product. The focus was to have an aesthetically pleasing display with a specific strategy for customer interaction and education. The client identified the 3 part selling process as revelation, engagement, and interaction, which introduced an “only sold over the web” professional level gaming product to the consumer level retail marketplace. The design needed to communicate the perceived value as if the product was in a museum exhibit while educating the customer through a video loop further enticing the consumer purchase.

Every detail of the display was calculated to convey the customer’s intent and showcase the product from all angles. All materials and printing methods were coordinated to present as a premium item. These are professional grade controllers being offered at the consumer level for the first time. The product was displayed under acrylic while still enabling the customer to view all sides of the product with a mirror strategically placed underneath. The video screen is only noticed at the moment of engagement which was by client request. Each element was highlighted during the shopper’s approach and was tested using predictive eye-tracking software. 

The display, which was designed for an easy 10 minute set-up, was a great success in stores and product sold through quickly!

TRG Sidney, Ohio Supports their Local Community in a Time of Need!

As a total of 14 EF3 & EF4 tornados touched down in the Dayton Miami Valley area, they left behind an abundance of devastation in their wake. Many people were left homeless and were forced to relocate, some with only the clothes they had on their back. With most of their belongings lost or destroyed, the tornado victims were in desperate need of even just the bare necessities; food, water, toiletries, clothes, blankets, etc.  The aftermath of these tornados lead many local charities and good samaritans to jump in and lend a hand.  This is when Toni Taylor from our facility in Sidney, Ohio, received notification from a local news station that the disaster relief workers were in need of boxes for the many donations.

Toni, along with a few of her team members including; Jeff Gorsuch, Del Casto, and Angie Bragg immediately took action! With great speed they arranged a specifically selected line-up of boxes best suited for the donations and handled the logistics of transportation and delivery.  While cohesively working together, this team also worked in conjunction with a few outside groups, namely the Dayton Chamber of Commerce and The Red Cross to get these boxes where they needed to go.

The Royal Group is proud to have this group on our team and provide support to our communities in a time of need!

TRG Acquires Mid-Atlantic Packaging to Form Retail Packaging Powerhouse

Effective November 1st, 2018, The Royal Group (TRG), a division of Schwarz Partners, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Mid-Atlantic Packaging based in Montgomeryville, PA.  An industry leader in design, innovation and retail packaging, Mid-Atlantic will now operate under the name TRG Mid-Atlantic. 

The acquisition provides TRG a superb manufacturing facility in the northeast corridor while complimenting TRG’s retail headquarters in Marlton, NJ.  TRG Mid-Atlantic will be the 14th converting location for TRG and adds an array of equipment including a corrugator, three 7- Color Flexo/Die-cutters and multiple state-of-the-art gluers. TRG will be the only company in the country with 3 Gopfert HBL Evolution printers, adding additional capacity for retail-focused customers looking for fast set up, high quality direct print.

“The innovative culture and incredibly talented group of employees at Mid-Atlantic Packaging align perfectly with TRG’s mission” said Bob McIlvaine, President and CEO of TRG. “This is a fantastic opportunity to expand our capabilities to a larger geographical audience while providing our customers unparalleled innovation and speed to market.”

Mid-Atlantic Packaging Inc. was established in 1961 as a privately held, veteran owned company. Since its inception, Mid-Atlantic’s mission has been to deliver corrugated packaging and services to customers that exceed expectations.  By utilizing award-winning, innovative designs and an ISTA-certified test lab, Mid-Atlantic has focused on providing solutions that identify benefits and cost-saving measures throughout the customers entire supply chain.  

TRG, owned by Schwarz Partners based in Indianapolis, is among the nation’s largest independent corrugated box and display manufacturers. With over 50 locations nationwide, including paper mills, sheet feeders, and converting locations, TRG serves its mission of providing value added solutions for the most demanding customers in a variety of areas including industrial packaging, POP displays, and graphic packaging. 

Red Solo Cup Display

Check out our life-size Red Solo Cup display done for the Pilgrimage festival in Tennessee. We created the big cup as a photo prop so that the festival attendees could look like they were actually inside the big cup! Although the festival was canceled after only a few hours due to weather, festival-goers still had a great time getting some fun pics with our gigantic solo cup!

Schwarz Partners is Celebrating Two Decades of Success

Did you know that in 1998, Schwarz Partners began as a tiny startup with just three employees? After selling his independent sheet feeder company in 1998, Jack Schwarz launched Schwarz Partners in an office above their landlord’s garage. The three employees included himself, CFO Tom Bennett and their shared assistant and office manager, Toni Medlen. The early vision was simple: To make money and have fun doing it!

The first company established by Schwarz Partners was Flutes Inc., which specializes in small-flute corrugated sheets. Jeff and John Schwarz arrived soon after and in 1999 Schwarz Partners acquired a group of packaging companies which sparked growth for years to come!

The company now employs more than 5,500 people in 51 locations across North America and has built a new factory every year since 2009.  “The company’s approach to acquisitions is to respect—and retain—the newcomer’s entrepreneurial spirit,” says Bob McIlvaine, president and general manager of The Royal Group (TRG).  A belief in people combined with a commitment to modernization are the essence of the Schwarz’s winning formula. “The Schwarz family strongly believes in reinvesting the profits of the company back into the business,” Bob says.

TRG is extremely proud of all that the Schwarz Partners have accomplished. We couldn’t be more grateful to be under the umbrella of a company who pride themselves on putting people first. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary!

On Thursday, August 30th The Royal Group hosted its second bi-annual Food Truck Event.

On Thursday, August 30th, TRG provided 4 delectable food trucks featuring some of the finest and freshest variety of authentic BBQ, fine street food, savory bowls, and of course, scrumptious homemade desserts! The day was met with sunny weather and good conversation. 

This event, which takes place twice a year during mid-spring and end of summer, is held as a show of appreciation and allow for some fun face to face time for our employees and partners alike. The Royal Group looks forward to hosting many more functions like this one in the near future!



The Royal Group (TRG) and Bay Cities Announces Opening of their New, State-of-the-Art facility, Royal Bay in Chicago

The Royal Group (TRG), in a joint venture with Bay Cities, opened its doors August 7 to a brand new, state-of-the-art 323,000 square foot fulfillment and co-packing operation. Strategically located in Chicago, Royal Bay has 40 loading docks, 2 climate-controlled rooms, 24-hour security monitoring, and an automated racking system.

Additional services include:

  • Assembly of pallet displays, floorstands, PDQ’s, endcaps & special packs
  • Full POP display services including kitting, rework, labeling, sorting, bundling
  • Blister, cold seal, heat and IR sealing
  • Assembly, which can include products which need to be temperature controlled (e.g. chocolate)
  • Product inventory management

“We are excited to partner with Bay Cities and expand our fulfillment and co-packing operations. Our customers and prospects continue to ask for speed to market, innovation and turnkey solutions. Royal Bay supports that along with additional capacity and an ideal location to serve our increasing demand in the market” says Bob McIlvaine, President and CEO of TRG.


Penn State Suite Box

“A job well done is an understatement, to say the least. It took a quick collaborative effort from a reliable team with emphases on detail and quality to produce the prime outcome that this job delivered,” says Angie Bragg, General Manager – Automotive and Returnables Division, TRG – OH.

When Angie got the call on July 9th from one of her long-time customers, she knew she was up for a challenge. Her long-time customer produces graphic tickets for organizations like the NCAA, MLB, and NBA. The task at hand was to create and produce a specialty box for Penn State suite season ticket holders. “Penn State has never done anything like this before, so the project was starting from square one,” she says. The objective was to go from concept, design, development, and assembly while still maintaining the appropriate customer approval process and all within a three-week timeframe.

Because of the unusual time restraints, Angie couldn’t go through her standard design and development channels. Luckily, she was able to take advantage of the resources available at the other TRG facilities. She decided to reach out to Brandon Wilson and Greg McHenry in the TRG Seymour facility.  Greg created the sample for customer approval, which was a die-cut, tuck-fold carton that contained 3 assembled layers of foam.  Brandon reached out to a vendor partner for digital printing solutions that would be needed to complete the job.

The customization of each box, directly printing the address and suite number, resulted in a lengthy approval process from the start. Once all the graphics were approved, they finally received the go-ahead to start producing on July 24th .

With Angie and the help of two other team members, they were able to construct all the foam assembly by hand. From there, she personally delivered the foam and printed, die-cut cartons to her customer to pack and assemble. The job was complete and ready for express shipment to Penn State by August 3rd.

“The group effort of 4 TRG plants and 1 loyal customer made this happen!”, Angie says. “In the end, the folks at Penn State were happy with the finished product they and their suite holders received just in time before game day.  They felt some extra love with a commemorative box that they can keep or recycle……Whatever they choose,” says Angie Bragg.