Chicago Fire Visits TRG Cicero

On February 5th, 2020 our TRG Cicero team took a peak of what really goes on behind the scenes of one of the most popular TV shows, not only to their local area of Chicago but nationwide! The TRG Cicero warehouse would be used to film one of the most captivating scenes in episode 17 of Chicago Fire, “Protect a Child”.

Weeks before the shoot even took place, TRG was visited by many members of the Chicago Fire crew including producers, directors, site and location managers among others. They came to examine the setting they would be working with and get acquainted with some of the folks they would be communicating with here at The Royal Group.

A few days prior to filming our TRG Cicero group would experience firsthand all the work that is involved in capturing even just a few minutes of footage as they watched the production crew set up shop. Sets were constructed and staged, props were placed, place cards and signage were arranged accordingly around the grounds, and lighting and electrical equipment was installed and prepped.  

On the day of filming TRG would host countless members of the Chicago Fire production crew and most excitingly the stars of the show! Many of the TRG Cicero team are huge fans of the TV series and were beyond thrilled when they were able to meet their favorite actors and actresses. Some of the TRG employees even got to be extras on the set!

So if you’re looking for something to watch while staying indoors and abiding by the rules of social distancing, check out Chicago Fire, Season 8, episode 17, “Protect a Child”!

Customer Testimonials

FORTUNE 500 - CPG Company

“When our production facility had reached maximum capacity due to three new item launches, we turned to TRG for help in assembly of a large complex 4-way Tower display, and they were able to deliver top quality output sooner to the retailer than our facility could deliver at regular capacity.”

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