TRG Indiana – An 11th hour innovative for the 12 Dogs of Christmas

This past holiday season really shined bright for our TRG – Indiana team. Daniel’s Vineyard, a family owned vineyard and winery, located in McCordville, IN, was looking for packaging for their new product line; a variety pack for their line of wines called the “Pawty Pack – Twelve Dogs of Christmas”. Because their product pack was not the norm in the industry (wine in a can with hand drawn illustration of different dogs), they wanted to make sure to introduce their new packaging in a way that matched the uniqueness of the product it held. The challenge was that the pack had to house three varieties of wine that would be separated and accessible per type, while still being structurally sound with a fun package design to match its product. After some time searching for a solution within the packaging industry, they were finally introduced to The Royal Group. 

At the 11th hour, TRG Sales Rep, Steve Gianakos met with Daniel’s Vineyard and introduced them to The Royal Group and its large footprint of locations and capabilities throughout the U.S., including the many facilities located right in their local area of Indiana. With the full scope of the project in perspective, Steve went back to his design team. The designers understood the challenge and within two days were able to produce design options that blew the competition right out of the water. After a few rounds of structural engineering, their end result was superb! The variety pack was a fun, aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound package that provided the functionality requested while paralleling the uniqueness of its product. With little time left, our Seymour, Huntington, and Greenfield, Indiana facilities came together as a team and knocked this one out of the park!

To boot, the Pawty Pack helps benefit the Humane Society! Check out the packs debut on WTHR news!