If you’re going through challenges with your inventory, let our VMI solutions work for you.

At The Royal Group, we offer extensive Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions for your headquarters, your plant, or your co-packer / distributor. These programs can reduce your packaging inventory on the floor, allow additional space for productivity and eliminate non-revenue producing tasks. We’ll create a tailor-made program that suits your every requirement along with the peace of mind that our state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning systems are monitoring your inventory.

JIT program
Just-In-Time delivery
Reduces display component inventory on floor and increases space for productivity
On-site inventory program
TRG provides you with list of components needing replenishment on your floor
Eliminates inventory miscounts or minimum reorder levels
On-site VMI program
TRG orders, delivers and restocks your shelves with components you need
Eliminates time spent on non-revenue producing process
Stock inventory program
Pay for only the components you use and have them ready for use on your floor
Increases cash flow and no warehousing required

Do you have VMI needs you’d like us to help with?