TRG Indiana – An 11th hour innovative for the 12 Dogs of Christmas

This past holiday season really shined bright for our TRG – Indiana team. Daniel’s Vineyard, a family owned vineyard and winery, located in McCordville, IN, was looking for packaging for their new product line; a variety pack for their line of wines called the “Pawty Pack – Twelve Dogs of Christmas”. Because their product pack was not the norm in the industry (wine in a can with hand drawn illustration of different dogs), they wanted to make sure to introduce their new packaging in a way that matched the uniqueness of the product it held. The challenge was that the pack had to house three varieties of wine that would be separated and accessible per type, while still being structurally sound with a fun package design to match its product. After some time searching for a solution within the packaging industry, they were finally introduced to The Royal Group. 

At the 11th hour, TRG Sales Rep, Steve Gianakos met with Daniel’s Vineyard and introduced them to The Royal Group and its large footprint of locations and capabilities throughout the U.S., including the many facilities located right in their local area of Indiana. With the full scope of the project in perspective, Steve went back to his design team. The designers understood the challenge and within two days were able to produce design options that blew the competition right out of the water. After a few rounds of structural engineering, their end result was superb! The variety pack was a fun, aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound package that provided the functionality requested while paralleling the uniqueness of its product. With little time left, our Seymour, Huntington, and Greenfield, Indiana facilities came together as a team and knocked this one out of the park!

To boot, the Pawty Pack helps benefit the Humane Society! Check out the packs debut on WTHR news!

TRG Halls Fulfillment Center and Warehouse Celebrate 1 Year Accident-Free!

December 13th 2019, marked one year accident/incident free for our TRG Halls Fulfillment Center and Warehouse. “Safety begins with teamwork,” says Donna Cook, Business Manager at our Fulfillment Center location. “That has been our motto in these last 365 days and it’s nice to see everyone looking out for their fellow co-worker.  Having each other’s backs makes a real difference in preventing injury. Simultaneously raising team spirit was a huge plus as well!” The group came together for a photo and were presented with jackets to honor their well-earned achievement. Job well done TRG Halls Fulfillment Center and Warehouse!

Our TRG Halls, Tennessee Facility Wins First Place and Supports a Good Cause

This past Holiday season our TRG Halls facility reigned in their innovative thinking skills and team spirit to create a one-of-a-kind holiday display that won first place for Sorghum Valley Tree Decorating contest.  The event where the contest was held and showcased was established to help local families, churches, and food pantries in the community.  The contest participants/sponsors were made up of local businesses, churches and village groups, there were 65 participants in all. Donations were collected by the many people who visited the event and with the great weather they had, there were more than 5,000 visitors this year!

The participants in the contest all did their best to make the show worthwhile for everyone visiting the village and supporting their community. There was no set theme, but our team decided on one a little outside of the box this year, they chose “Safety” as the theme of their display.  “With all of the hand-made items created for this event in mind, our Safety themed display was really the talk of the walk,” says Tom Duggan, General Manager at our Halls facility. Working together on this and some even dressed in PPE attire were TRG employees, Kristen Hartman, Danielle Wright, Crystal Dutton, Bret Cook, Donna Cook, Nona Rodenhouser, Stacy Rogers, Tommy Morgan, and Jennifer Armstrong. They created home-made ornaments in TRG colors, some in the shape of little TRG boxes; tree toppers, garland, and ribbon made out of bubble wrap; a TRG pallet cut into the shape of a Christmas tree and a safety snowman made out of TRG material and matching the team that put him together in his PPE attire including his safety glasses, vest, earplugs, and bubble wrap scarf! Great job TRG Halls!

TRG Marlton Supports Teens for the Holidays


This year our Marlton team did something a little different, they donated gifts to teens for the Holiday Season. The non-profit organization, Angels Community Outreach was suggested by one of the TRG team designers, Anna Becker. She learned about the organization a few years ago and was intrigued by all their good deeds throughout the community. When we reached out to Angels Community Outreach to ask how we could help, they mentioned their Teen Drive. They said with most of the focus and effort on the little kids, tweens and teenagers can sometimes be overlooked. Often times, teenagers just want to be able to hang out with their friends at a local fast-food restaurant or they need a new pair of sweats.  So, with the help of a suggestion list from Angels Community Outreach, our team pulled together a sizable donation. We donated hoodies, socks, PJs, bathrobes, blankets, gift cards, make-up, electronics, perfume, cologne, hats, gloves, wristlets, jewelry, brushes, footballs, candy and snacks. We hope we put smiles on faces and brightened some spirits this holiday season!

Our Mid-Atlantic facility donates 1400, 3-Color trays to help support local breweries efforts to feed the hungry

Friends Giving, a potluck style beer produced as part of a charitable program to help feed the hungry was originally started and organized 2 years ago by Double Nickel Brewing Co.’s non-profit, Collabor-AID. For the second year, Double Nickel in conjunction with three other local breweries, Tonewood Brewing Co., Cape May Brewing Co. and Urban Village Brewing Co. have collaborated on a recipe that combines each of their custom brewing styles into one brew called Friends Giving ‘Potluck-Style’ Hazy IPA.  The beer is packaged and sold in 4-pack designer cans which proceeds will go to feed the hungry. Read more about this charitable project and product launch events here.

Our Dalton Box Facility Sponsors Pet Therapy Program at Peeples Cancer Institute

On May 8th, 2019 our Dalton Box facility makes a sizeable donation to support a good cause in their community. With help from Dalton Box and their partnership with Whitfield Healthcare Foundation, Pet Therapy dogs are now on their way to their new careers at the Peeples Cancer Institute. All therapy dogs are trained and certified through recognized animal pet therapy programs. These furry friends will provide much-needed comfort and support to the patients in a time of emotional and physical stress.

Joe Remillard, general manager of Dalton Box, stresses the importance of the company’s decision to sponsor the program.

“Our employees are dedicated to doing something meaningful for this community,” Remillard said. “Given that a number of our employee families have been impacted by cancer, we thought what better way to use our company’s funds than by investing in care for local cancer patients and their families? We are honored to partner with the foundation to support this program for Hamilton’s Peeples Cancer Institute.”

Read more about this great program and the generous donation from Dalton Box by clicking here.



Keith Wilhelm has joined The Royal Group (TRG) as its new corporate director of manufacturing services.

Keith is a graduate of Indiana University and has over 25 years of operations experience in the corrugated packaging industry. He was the former director of engineering and manufacturing services with KapStone, which was purchased by WestRock last year.

Keith and his team will be supporting the operational initiatives throughout the TRG organization. He will be reporting to Bob McIlvaine, president and CEO.

“Our company has experienced a great deal of growth over the last several years”, Bob said. “We are excited to have Keith on our team to provide the extra support we will need to take TRG to the next level of performance”.




Effective Aug. 1, 2019, The Royal Group (TRG), a division of Schwarz Partners, is pleased to announce the acquisition of SPA Inc., located in Milford, Ohio. SPA Inc. specializes in software and consumer electronics distribution, third-party logistics and multivendor programs.

“SPA’s business model aligns perfectly with ours,” said Bob McIlvaine, president and CEO of TRG. “This acquisition comes as natural expansion of our growing fulfillment and contract packaging business.

“We’re excited for SPA’s experienced, talented and dedicated employees to become part of our TRG team. They’ve built a great company with strategic locations and logistics solutions that will benefit our existing customers.”

Bill O’Bryan, current SPA Inc. president and CEO, will continue in his position under the new ownership.


Established in 1986, SPA Inc. offers unique supply chain solutions to consumer goods customers and retailers. With operations in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and Bentonville, Arkansas, SPA Inc. offers solutions including distribution, warehousing, 3PL, assembly, packaging and co-packing. Learn more at


The Royal Group (TRG), owned by Schwarz Partners based in Indianapolis, is among the nation’s largest independent corrugated box and display manufacturers. With over 30 locations nationwide, TRG’s mission is to provide value added solutions for the most demanding customers in a variety of areas including industrial, agricultural, automotive, contract and graphic packaging, and point of purchase displays and fulfillment.


To learn more about TRG or this acquisition, visit our website at or contact Melanie Knowles, marketing coordinator at TRG.

TRG Retail Division walks away with 2 OMA awards!

Besides all the great new faces we were ecstatic to have met at the show, we won two awards to top it off!  We couldn’t ask for better award categories either! To win on such a broad category as “General Merchandise” shows that our creative design efforts really do stand out amongst the crowd! And what’s better than producing a high-end, innovative and interactive display that wins the Budget Award?!


About our GloFish display

The client was introducing fluorescent aquarium ornaments which react only to a signature blue light. Their intent was to spotlight the unique product mix while simultaneously demonstrating the extraordinary glowing effect function of the entire line.   The challenge was to deliver a battery powered, motion censored lighting fixture to a temporary vehicle that was required to last no less than 3 months in-store. We strategically placed a hidden compartment that housed a battery pack for service access if needed. The atypical shapes and product line variety of protective packaging yielded another set of hurdles that we embraced and conquered at ease. This unit was ISTA tested and passed with flying colors. 

This display was manufactured as a modular style tray to fit multiple SKU combinations and provide retailer flexibility. The battery compartment was engineered to minimize any conductor failures due to shipping rigors. Upon delivery, the PetSmart team was extremely pleased at the effortless set-up from shipper to shelf. There were no wires, assembly or switches to activate. 


About Scuf Gaming Display

The objective of this display was to showcase the controller in all 360 degree viewing angles to exhibit both the back and underside of the product. The focus was to have an aesthetically pleasing display with a specific strategy for customer interaction and education. The client identified the 3 part selling process as revelation, engagement, and interaction, which introduced an “only sold over the web” professional level gaming product to the consumer level retail marketplace. The design needed to communicate the perceived value as if the product was in a museum exhibit while educating the customer through a video loop further enticing the consumer purchase.

Every detail of the display was calculated to convey the customer’s intent and showcase the product from all angles. All materials and printing methods were coordinated to present as a premium item. These are professional grade controllers being offered at the consumer level for the first time. The product was displayed under acrylic while still enabling the customer to view all sides of the product with a mirror strategically placed underneath. The video screen is only noticed at the moment of engagement which was by client request. Each element was highlighted during the shopper’s approach and was tested using predictive eye-tracking software. 

The display, which was designed for an easy 10 minute set-up, was a great success in stores and product sold through quickly!