TRG Marlton Supports Teens for the Holidays


This year our Marlton team did something a little different, they donated gifts to teens for the Holiday Season. The non-profit organization, Angels Community Outreach was suggested by one of the TRG team designers, Anna Becker. She learned about the organization a few years ago and was intrigued by all their good deeds throughout the community. When we reached out to Angels Community Outreach to ask how we could help, they mentioned their Teen Drive. They said with most of the focus and effort on the little kids, tweens and teenagers can sometimes be overlooked. Often times, teenagers just want to be able to hang out with their friends at a local fast-food restaurant or they need a new pair of sweats.  So, with the help of a suggestion list from Angels Community Outreach, our team pulled together a sizable donation. We donated hoodies, socks, PJs, bathrobes, blankets, gift cards, make-up, electronics, perfume, cologne, hats, gloves, wristlets, jewelry, brushes, footballs, candy and snacks. We hope we put smiles on faces and brightened some spirits this holiday season!