TRG Sidney, Ohio Supports their Local Community in a Time of Need!

As a total of 14 EF3 & EF4 tornados touched down in the Dayton Miami Valley area, they left behind an abundance of devastation in their wake. Many people were left homeless and were forced to relocate, some with only the clothes they had on their back. With most of their belongings lost or destroyed, the tornado victims were in desperate need of even just the bare necessities; food, water, toiletries, clothes, blankets, etc.  The aftermath of these tornados lead many local charities and good samaritans to jump in and lend a hand.  This is when Toni Taylor from our facility in Sidney, Ohio, received notification from a local news station that the disaster relief workers were in need of boxes for the many donations.

Toni, along with a few of her team members including; Jeff Gorsuch, Del Casto, and Angie Bragg immediately took action! With great speed they arranged a specifically selected line-up of boxes best suited for the donations and handled the logistics of transportation and delivery.  While cohesively working together, this team also worked in conjunction with a few outside groups, namely the Dayton Chamber of Commerce and The Red Cross to get these boxes where they needed to go.

The Royal Group is proud to have this group on our team and provide support to our communities in a time of need!