OUR GOAL: To support healthy forest by expanding our measure of wood sourced through sustainable forestry programs. We believe our strides to improve the full ecological realm, including water, power, and fiber, that contribute to our forest’s environment, play a huge part in helping us to reach our forestry mission.


OUR GOAL: Optimize our fiber yield; promote innovative, sustainable design principles; and reuse paper waste generated in our facilities.


OUR GOAL: Improve water stewardship by continuously seeking new ways to refine our water conservation methods and ensuring water output is aligned with community needs.


OUR GOAL: Strategically reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout our facilities and increase energy efficiency in our production process.

Is 100% recycled truly sustainable?……
If the entire industry moved to 100% recycled, we would run out of paper in 16 -18 months!

The US Forest Service reports that the paper industry replants and grows twice as many trees as they harvest. That is why forest in North America have grown over the last 50 years making trees one of our best renewable resources

The paper and packaging industry is leaving the environment better than it found it… replacing trees, returning energy and clean water to the community all on top of reusing recycled materials.

Customer Testimonials

FORTUNE 500 - CPG Company

“When our production facility had reached maximum capacity due to three new item launches, we turned to TRG for help in assembly of a large complex 4-way Tower display, and they were able to deliver top quality output sooner to the retailer than our facility could deliver at regular capacity.”

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