A Royal Box Group, LLC location - Full service design; specializing in Corrugated packaging, returnable plastic, and foam. On-site die cutting capabilities along with hand assembly and fulfillment. Warehouse and distribution with vendor-managed inventory services.

General Manager
Angie Bragg

Facility SqFt

Location Services


Full service design; Specializing in Corrugated, Plastics, and Foam

Assembly and Fulfillment

On-site Hand Assembly and Fulfillment, specializing in assembly of Corrugated, Plastic and Foam Returnables

Vendor Managed Inventory

On-Site Vendor Managed Inventory Services
Local Team Members visit Customer Locations for VMI services


At The Royal Group (TRG) Sidney, our goal is to provide the best service, quality, and design solutions for the most demanding customers in any industry.  We are highly skilled at program and project management. Our focus is returnable racks, dunnage and containers.  We design, convert and supply various expendable back-up packaging assemblies, along with export and service part packaging for a multitude of automotive customers.  We also supply expendable packaging solutions for our JIT, Medical, and fulfillment customers.  We provide our customers with more than just boxes.  We provide in-house services for design, concepts, and prototypes.  We sell complex packaging solutions that we produce at TRG that help our customers improve their supply chains and efficiencies.



Customer Testimonials

FORTUNE 500 - CPG Company

“When our production facility had reached maximum capacity due to three new item launches, we turned to TRG for help in assembly of a large complex 4-way Tower display, and they were able to deliver top quality output sooner to the retailer than our facility could deliver at regular capacity.”

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