TRG Retail Division walks away with 2 OMA awards!

Besides all the great new faces we were ecstatic to have met at the show, we won two awards to top it off!  We couldn’t ask for better award categories either! To win on such a broad category as “General Merchandise” shows that our creative design efforts really do stand out amongst the crowd! And what’s better than producing a high-end, innovative and interactive display that wins the Budget Award?!


About our GloFish display

The client was introducing fluorescent aquarium ornaments which react only to a signature blue light. Their intent was to spotlight the unique product mix while simultaneously demonstrating the extraordinary glowing effect function of the entire line.   The challenge was to deliver a battery powered, motion censored lighting fixture to a temporary vehicle that was required to last no less than 3 months in-store. We strategically placed a hidden compartment that housed a battery pack for service access if needed. The atypical shapes and product line variety of protective packaging yielded another set of hurdles that we embraced and conquered at ease. This unit was ISTA tested and passed with flying colors. 

This display was manufactured as a modular style tray to fit multiple SKU combinations and provide retailer flexibility. The battery compartment was engineered to minimize any conductor failures due to shipping rigors. Upon delivery, the PetSmart team was extremely pleased at the effortless set-up from shipper to shelf. There were no wires, assembly or switches to activate. 


About Scuf Gaming Display

The objective of this display was to showcase the controller in all 360 degree viewing angles to exhibit both the back and underside of the product. The focus was to have an aesthetically pleasing display with a specific strategy for customer interaction and education. The client identified the 3 part selling process as revelation, engagement, and interaction, which introduced an “only sold over the web” professional level gaming product to the consumer level retail marketplace. The design needed to communicate the perceived value as if the product was in a museum exhibit while educating the customer through a video loop further enticing the consumer purchase.

Every detail of the display was calculated to convey the customer’s intent and showcase the product from all angles. All materials and printing methods were coordinated to present as a premium item. These are professional grade controllers being offered at the consumer level for the first time. The product was displayed under acrylic while still enabling the customer to view all sides of the product with a mirror strategically placed underneath. The video screen is only noticed at the moment of engagement which was by client request. Each element was highlighted during the shopper’s approach and was tested using predictive eye-tracking software. 

The display, which was designed for an easy 10 minute set-up, was a great success in stores and product sold through quickly!

Customer Testimonials

FORTUNE 500 - CPG Company

“When our production facility had reached maximum capacity due to three new item launches, we turned to TRG for help in assembly of a large complex 4-way Tower display, and they were able to deliver top quality output sooner to the retailer than our facility could deliver at regular capacity.”

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