The Royal Group (TRG) and Bay Cities Announces Opening of their New, State-of-the-Art facility, Royal Bay in Chicago

The Royal Group (TRG), in a joint venture with Bay Cities, opened its doors August 7 to a brand new, state-of-the-art 323,000 square foot fulfillment and co-packing operation. Strategically located in Chicago, Royal Bay has 40 loading docks, 2 climate-controlled rooms, 24-hour security monitoring, and an automated racking system.

Additional services include:

  • Assembly of pallet displays, floorstands, PDQ’s, endcaps & special packs
  • Full POP display services including kitting, rework, labeling, sorting, bundling
  • Blister, cold seal, heat and IR sealing
  • Assembly, which can include products which need to be temperature controlled (e.g. chocolate)
  • Product inventory management

“We are excited to partner with Bay Cities and expand our fulfillment and co-packing operations. Our customers and prospects continue to ask for speed to market, innovation and turnkey solutions. Royal Bay supports that along with additional capacity and an ideal location to serve our increasing demand in the market” says Bob McIlvaine, President and CEO of TRG.


Penn State Suite Box

“A job well done is an understatement, to say the least. It took a quick collaborative effort from a reliable team with emphases on detail and quality to produce the prime outcome that this job delivered,” says Angie Bragg, General Manager – Automotive and Returnables Division, TRG – OH.

When Angie got the call on July 9th from one of her long-time customers, she knew she was up for a challenge. Her long-time customer produces graphic tickets for organizations like the NCAA, MLB, and NBA. The task at hand was to create and produce a specialty box for Penn State suite season ticket holders. “Penn State has never done anything like this before, so the project was starting from square one,” she says. The objective was to go from concept, design, development, and assembly while still maintaining the appropriate customer approval process and all within a three-week timeframe.

Because of the unusual time restraints, Angie couldn’t go through her standard design and development channels. Luckily, she was able to take advantage of the resources available at the other TRG facilities. She decided to reach out to Brandon Wilson and Greg McHenry in the TRG Seymour facility.  Greg created the sample for customer approval, which was a die-cut, tuck-fold carton that contained 3 assembled layers of foam.  Brandon reached out to a vendor partner for digital printing solutions that would be needed to complete the job.

The customization of each box, directly printing the address and suite number, resulted in a lengthy approval process from the start. Once all the graphics were approved, they finally received the go-ahead to start producing on July 24th .

With Angie and the help of two other team members, they were able to construct all the foam assembly by hand. From there, she personally delivered the foam and printed, die-cut cartons to her customer to pack and assemble. The job was complete and ready for express shipment to Penn State by August 3rd.

“The group effort of 4 TRG plants and 1 loyal customer made this happen!”, Angie says. “In the end, the folks at Penn State were happy with the finished product they and their suite holders received just in time before game day.  They felt some extra love with a commemorative box that they can keep or recycle……Whatever they choose,” says Angie Bragg.